My YouTube is Glitched... but We Need to Find Regina!

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Vy Qwaint

Vy Qwaint

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jayden lim
jayden lim преди 4 часа
Jayden lim
anna allmond
anna allmond преди 8 часа
I said it last time I know about z customers on a mission I saw hackers behind you and was falling you and stuff that because
Ana Miletic
Ana Miletic преди 14 часа
Nikolić vinarija BGpost izgled ching
courtney thompson
courtney thompson преди 18 часа
Somebody is behind you
James Hitchcock
James Hitchcock преди ден
R & H RECORDS преди ден
🥺 I love ❤️ your. Video
NurHaslindah Jasni
NurHaslindah Jasni преди ден
I love
Maria urias
Maria urias преди 2 дни
A 1/2 hackers despite me the hackers
Yulian Zhang
Yulian Zhang преди 3 дни
Hi spy ninjas I my your biggest fan And this is my mother phone and Her name is on the phone that is why my name is not on there but my name is zhen Kai/zk and I watch cwc and carter sharer and Stephen sharer youtber channel and And I think you guy are awesome!
Emily Chumbely
Emily Chumbely преди 3 дни
I don’t know where is Ginne I watch the channel she has
Leah Smith
Leah Smith преди 4 дни
I love you chad
Myking Johnson
Myking Johnson преди 4 дни
My unique can you just move out the way for a second this is private this is private see privacy laugh hahaha hacking it's something that I know how to dance but every time I hat I start hacking into like one of the spine and the account I keep hacking in one of the spider account every time I had
Myking Johnson
Myking Johnson преди 4 дни
Literally like download it the spider did not work like right now my school didn't get high but I keep trying and trying all but about this video why is y'all just have you already found out a funny videos at the end of it or some kind of like glitch like some kind of a glitch I don't know whatever that was like my TV screen got dark so so then I got off the TV turned it back on but it happened keep on hopping the same day so I grab my laptop opened it up then I just happened to it nothing worked I'm not lying I'm I'm being honest
Myking Johnson
Myking Johnson преди 4 дни
This is not Chad this is one of finding the fan Chad knows about that video you posted I'm watching you I'm watching your videos right now what do you think about like yeah let's not think about this do you think Chad is really watching I'm watching this but mighty weird this posting a video out of order
Julia Brown
Julia Brown преди 5 дни
See I want you to do a don't choose the wrong mystery full in 18 find challenge
Leonila Ayala
Leonila Ayala преди 5 дни
Muriel Ferrell
Muriel Ferrell преди 5 дни
I love your videos 💕
Kathleen Lyons
Kathleen Lyons преди 6 дни
Regina vy Chad Daniel Melvin
A' nyla Morgan
A' nyla Morgan преди 6 дни
Kristen Lewis
Kristen Lewis преди 6 дни
I was just using the Spy Ninja Net walk
Kim Weiland
Kim Weiland преди 8 дни
It won’t let me record videos to 😭
Zy Hinnant
Zy Hinnant преди 8 дни
Doug Holmes
Doug Holmes преди 8 дни
If it's not posted let me know I'll just send it you can like the whole world what has happened not already uploaded Sofia this uploaded if it's just posted okay if that's not constant just posted
Ron deshong
Ron deshong преди 8 дни
Oh no BGpost it’s broken
Bobbie Zant
Bobbie Zant преди 8 дни
Jun Hee TVChannel
Jun Hee TVChannel преди 9 дни
Now I am not breathing help
Jun Hee TVChannel
Jun Hee TVChannel преди 9 дни
Evolett Morante
Evolett Morante преди 9 дни
I saw a word rro
cool преди 10 дни
Im not able to film videos
Gabby Casey
Gabby Casey преди 11 дни
Gabby Casey
Gabby Casey преди 11 дни
Melissa Billings
Melissa Billings преди 11 дни
Really really really won to see you I live in traphill
Melissa Billings
Melissa Billings преди 11 дни
I love vy I won, see you I wot to help you
Kedai Cadar online
Kedai Cadar online преди 12 дни
Jayla’s World
Jayla’s World преди 12 дни
She has very pretty eyes
Tony Strong
Tony Strong преди 13 дни
Manuel Hernandez
Manuel Hernandez преди 13 дни
Vy do you have contacts
Here Marcel
Here Marcel преди 13 дни
She'll blow up
Here Marcel
Here Marcel преди 13 дни
If she stopped walking
Here Marcel
Here Marcel преди 13 дни
Regina is captured by the PC killer
Patrice Thompson
Patrice Thompson преди 14 дни
Ohhh noooooooooooooooo
Kai Binnert
Kai Binnert преди 15 дни
Hey spy ninjas when it's Thanksgiving I'm thankful for all your videos Chad v Daniel Melvin and Regina
Jimmy преди 15 дни
Jessica Bollinger
Jessica Bollinger преди 15 дни
I don't know what you're saying 🤔
Carlos Rivera
Carlos Rivera преди 15 дни
Giri you I love you
Willie Mae Parham
Willie Mae Parham преди 16 дни
Belinda Frankum
Belinda Frankum преди 16 дни
Out of solid the great
Tee Wan Yik
Tee Wan Yik преди 17 дни
DEKO madey
DEKO madey преди 17 дни
I think Regina doing projects logo
عدنان عبد
عدنان عبد преди 17 дни
I love the spy ninjas
Lala Lee
Lala Lee преди 18 дни
Very well and I am very excited to see
Asia Huyler
Asia Huyler преди 18 дни
Chad wild Clay is breaking up with you don't trust Chad
Kevin esteban
Kevin esteban преди 18 дни
Maire Crotty
Maire Crotty преди 20 дни
Olamide Gborigi
Olamide Gborigi преди 21 ден
Now way you to
Bella NZBella
Bella NZBella преди 21 ден
SeemlyDa _Foxy
SeemlyDa _Foxy преди 22 дни
Willard Josef Canlas
Willard Josef Canlas преди 22 дни
It said ro
andala wilondja
andala wilondja преди 22 дни
Ivalu Schmidt
Ivalu Schmidt преди 22 дни
Catrina Histed
Catrina Histed преди 22 дни
Yes it was 🤔
Rozileen Bale
Rozileen Bale преди 22 дни
Regina is sus
Gege Rara
Gege Rara преди 22 дни
Pz9the falling you
Rika преди 22 дни
Nathan Salazar
Nathan Salazar преди 23 дни
Mario Forgit
Mario Forgit преди 23 дни
I spy ninjas
Mara Crowley
Mara Crowley преди 23 дни
Kazimi Emsale
Kazimi Emsale преди 24 дни
Andrea Thorpe
Andrea Thorpe преди 24 дни
I love your videos so much and I'm a big fan of you and you're my best friend and that song that you did I've been learning
Andrea Thorpe
Andrea Thorpe преди 24 дни
Casey see my family hasn't let me watch my hair videos lately but I subscribed and I love your videos and can you do one of my things for like or I could do something but I can upload or I can send you like like some some or I can text or I can do something for to make some things I can make some crafts and so I can send them say I'll put the box upstairs and so cuz I love your videos so so
Olivia преди 24 дни
Olivia преди 24 дни
Ali Hassan
Ali Hassan преди 24 дни
Daly fun
Daly fun преди 26 дни
Can you shout me out
Tamika Brown
Tamika Brown преди 26 дни
Project Zorger hulk BGpost you have to stop in right now we had other peoples things
Kathy Gort
Kathy Gort преди 26 дни
Ance Smilga
Ance Smilga преди 28 дни
pp holder
pp holder преди 28 дни
i. Th. E. Ng. on. Rgenu. its. a. Bom
Alena Jazelle Vallez
Alena Jazelle Vallez преди 29 дни
We can I please come to your house so I can do videos with you ☺️😁
Juan Graciano
Juan Graciano преди 29 дни
Oh no that’s bad
Madiha Farhan
Madiha Farhan преди месец
Coyote Windsong
Coyote Windsong преди месец
hi vy
Makenzie Burgass
Makenzie Burgass преди месец
The only reasons we have been able to
Ayyagari Ganapathi Rao
Ayyagari Ganapathi Rao преди месец
I am a big fan of you my name is NITHYA
rasa endziuliene
rasa endziuliene преди месец
Veiksmai laisvas
Ali Hassan
Ali Hassan преди месец
Evelyn Elue
Evelyn Elue преди месец
Ernest Norman
Ernest Norman преди месец
ilove spy
Angel Lloyd
Angel Lloyd преди месец
Sarah Barnes
Sarah Barnes преди месец
Adel Saneah
Adel Saneah преди месец
Dennis Jing xun Wan
Dennis Jing xun Wan преди месец
Parvraj Ghotra
Parvraj Ghotra преди месец
Does not work
Parvraj Ghotra
Parvraj Ghotra преди месец
Moneisha Griffin
Moneisha Griffin преди месец
How much we need a new car 🚗🚗🚗🚗🚗🚨🚗🚨🚗🚨 I can 🥫
Aletha Wood
Aletha Wood преди месец
The Pz killer is a girl
Shane Gill
Shane Gill преди месец
Yah i soll that werd videow
Shane Gill
Shane Gill преди месец
Ummm wut is this adot
chua jason
chua jason преди месец
Juan Garcia
Juan Garcia преди месец
I think it's project zorgo again maybe he doesn't want you to film videos anymore
Hooyo Sakin
Hooyo Sakin преди месец
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